Thingk is an interior planning and design studio. With a focus on hospitality, our approach is one of thoughtful consideration for inspiration and aesthetics, contemporary culture and attitudes; bespoke to the needs and narratives of each project, aiming to create holistic identities. Passionate about tailored interiors and high-end design, we believe that spaces should coexist harmoniously with their surroundings - ultimately, enhancing the emotional experience. Working closely with creative collaborators, we have contributed to a number of award-winning projects.

The Vasilicos Caldera Heritage Suites, Santorini

The former island residence of an art collector offers a spectacular backdrop of endless blue water. Asked to create a sense of luxury, familiarity and serenity, our design intent was to build upon the home's illustrious history. Existing furniture is complemented by contemporary pieces and commissioned design objects; crisp white bathrooms are punctuated by bespoke iron wall accessories and marble trays. The atmosphere of The Vasilicos, like the highly considered service concept, is an enchanting balance of the simple and complex.

Kinsterna Hotel & Spa, Monemvassia

An old mansion situated on an expansive historic property, Divercity Architects' respectful renovation and inspired extension was driven by the desire to create a dialogue between the past and present, giving life to once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience. The expansive property provides a serene setting for its guests with the outstanding gardens and the water breathing life to the whole property. Guest rooms exude comfort and personality, while praising the building's origins. We developed a narrative led by vintage pieces; meticulously sourced from the owners eclectic collection. Rigorous attention was paid to all details, resulting in a completely bespoke design that is both refined and functional. Commissioned artworks - curated by Double Decker, aim to emanate the richness of the hotel's gardens and the intriguing building's history, giving the guest a precious sense of place.

Marpessa Hotel and Spa, Agrinio

Once a tobacco merchant's house, the thoughtful restoration and extension of this contemporary hotel involved collaboration from its passionate owners. The design intent was to instill the rare neoclassical building with a sense of modernity, while maintaining a dialogue with a bygone era. We paid careful consideration to the relationship between contemporary hospitality at every touchpoint and inspirational place storytelling in the interiors. The result exudes an atmosphere of comfort and personality; offering the very best from a modern city hotel.

Grace Santorini Hotel & Villa

Divercity and Mplusm Architects' reinterpretation of traditional architecture, celebrates with a contemporary eye rather than competes with the iconic breathtaking views from the Santorinian Caldera. The immaculate quality of Grace's hospitality is reflected in the serene airy feeling of the interiors. Every object, texture and tailored detail is a thoughtful and considered gesture - offering the absolute best of luxury and sophistication while enfolding guests in the deep, pure quality of Grace hospitality.

Grace Mykonos Hotel

An immersive luxury experience on a property presiding over the Myconian sea, Grace Mykonos would meant to become an iconic place, the first of Grace luxury hotels. The interiors portay a modern reading of traditional Cycladic style. Sophisticated yet airy, the atmosphere throughout the hotel, embraced by the majestic sea views create a serene setting for its guests to enjoy a warm and relaxing experience.

Family Chalet

Hidden in the majestic fir forest of Parnassos, the sustainable revitalisation of this wooden chalet offers its family of four a space to retreat and recharge. Cueing inspiration from the locale, the interiors feature a warm palette that complements the framed vistas of fir trees. Thoughtful repositioning of the main entrance of the house, and the sequencing of rooms: a bathroom that appears to extend into nature, as well as a bright kitchen and dining room that spills into the living room to create a natural hub of the home. Carefully considered sustainable materials and processes continue the chalets dialogue with the surrounding natural world.

Kanari Apartment

Situated on Kanari Street, the bustling heart of the Kolonaki area, this residential revitalisation project was headed by A2 Architects. Epitomizing an urban oasis, we referenced a warm monochromatic palette accented by pockets of darkness and greens, creating respite from the busy outside and indulging the need for relaxation. Mid-century modern furniture juxtaposed with contemporary bespoke items enhance individuality to the interiors. The personality and ambience of the apartment is both refined and homelike; an indulgent retreat for the busy urban dweller.

Hytra Restaurant & Bar, Athens

Located on the top floor of the Onasis Cultural Centre in Athens, Hytra Restaurant and Bar is known for its two Michelin stars and title as one of the best restaurants in Greece. Divercity Architects drew inspiration from the distinctly Greek practice of spontaneous gatherings between strangers. This warmth is echoed in the central bar which serves as a dining area. Our aesthetic approach was derived from the restaurant's identity, based on the contemporary interpretation of the Greek cultural and gastronomical heritage. The composition of materials, textures and objects that populate the space balance the rough and refined, traditional and modern, culinary experience and cultural practice.


Bombyx is a showroom dedicated to supplying distinctive design-led furniture, lighting, and accessories. We were tasked with the visual revitalisation of the store; creating a narrative that traversed several design genres. Referencing the beguiling 1930's, geometric and art deco patterns create a textured backdrop for showcasing iconic design objects. A fascinating, but cohesive aesthetic that inspires the curiosity of its visitors.

Heritage Townhouse_under construction

Redesign of a private neoclassical house in Messolonghi. The two floor family house carries a strong history which provided the foundation for the interior design strategy. Influences of the elegance of the past overlaid with contemporary accents of materials, pallets and finishes, telling the story of the house itself.    

Hill House_under construction

Renovation of a private house at the foot of Penteli mountain in Athens. The moments of looking at the water through the fireplace, of looking at the sky from the marble outdoor sunken seating area, of dining with the view of the ancient pomegranate tree provided the contemporary visual identity and inspiration of the design elements, the furniture and objects.

Katogi Averoff Conference & Event Room

The Conference & Event Room, a 5m high ceiling space where the family used to make champagne was turned into a multifunctional event space. The design feature here are the staggered panelled walls planned to reflect the demand on acoustics, lighting and multi functioning purpose of the space.

Private Suites, Santorini

Renovation of two houses to private holiday suites located at the scenic caldera in Fira, Santorini. Rock formations from the local landscape of the island and the volcano provided the visual identity & design inspiration of the space architectural elements, furniture and objects.